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Public Notices
When the UCC1-308 Process is complete, it is important to release a public notice stating that the process is complete. This page is dedicated to the release of these public notices and will remain online permanently, as long as this website exists:

These notices are released in batches, as they are completed, so we give the date of each public release as well.
For Public Record: UCC1-308 (Formally 1-207)
From this day forward let it be known for public record.
After the period of 40 days and 40 nights, no rebuttals to date,  therefore we wish to thank all recipients of the UK corporations including government, Judiciary, Constabularies, Clergy, Financial institutions plus all Local, National and international public employees and ‘officials’ and other corporate Entities for their agreeance to

  1. Legal/Lawful Notice and Demand
  2. Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement
  3. Notice of Rescission [Revocation] of signature
  4. Affidavit of Non-Corporate Status
  5. Power of Attorney in Fact
  6. Copyright Notice
  7. Security Agreement
  8. Genetic Copyright and
  9. Formal Challenge to the twelve Presumptions of Law.

Affidavit to be true
Full acceptance of life
Acceptance of the Divine Sovereignty
Acceptance of the Legal/Lawful Notice and Demand
Acceptance of our Creator’s will and dominion………

As of the 7th of September in the year of our Lord 2022, the record is now set straight that the beneficiary is not lost at sea, nor are We.
By the Secured Parties:
  • ADH & ADC-040521-SA
  • KMC & KMO-240322-SA
  • AJC-040521-SA
  • JAO-220322SA
  • EJN-300321_SA
  • PCKN-300321_SA
  • PSC-131121-SA
  • JAN-300321_SA
  • MCC-240322-SA
  • KMC-240322-SA
  • SCM-030722-SA
  • VJB-270422-SA
  • LNM-010722-SA
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