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Peter works hard on a shoestring budget to bring you the GESARA Show. While the production costs are covered by the subscriptions, we are sometimes asked if it is possible to donate via PayPal or Credit Card. We have therefore setup this page to enable you to do just that. We thank-you for your support and any donations help us greatly to cover any personal costs or needs.
Host of the GESARA Show
Peter Walker is the host of the GESARA Show. He is responsible for the running of the show and has created two supporting websites ( and, two supporting Telegram channels ( and as well as channels on BitChute and Rumble. Just editing and releasing the recordings of the show takes up a lot of his time along with fact-checking, preparing the UCC1-308 training, answering questions and a lor more behind the scenes. He has been doing this tirelessly for a over a year to guide people through the GCR and NESARA/GESARA process.

To donate, either use the PayPal link (preferred), or to donate via Credit Card, scan the QR-Code or click on the image to display our special donation page.

We thank you on behalf of Peter.

PayPal - Peter Walker
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