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Appeal to Help Billy Recover
Host of the GESARA Show
Billy Gilles is ill suffering from Influenza-A and phenumomia and cannot take part in the show during January. He spent several days in hospital, has difficulty breathing and is using an oxygen generator to assist him. He has now been released back home, but is still weak and needs time to recover. A major concern for him is being able to pay his rent and cover his living costs.

He had recently started a day-job giving technical advice via online connections, but he has not been there long enough to be entitled to sick pay. With an amputated left leg and constant pain from a previous accident, his means of fending for himself are limited. The fact that he is a chain-smoker does not help him, either.

He has told us he needs at least $1000 to keep his home and we have therefore released this appeal to help. We want to thank all those that have already donated and as of January 11, we have reached the goal. He still needs a CPAC machine, so any additional donations will be used to obtain that.

Billy is a valued and important host on the GESARA Show and his detailed knowledge of American history and politics have proven to be invaluable to the show. He is much loved by the viewers for the fact that he loves to laugh and present his knowledge in such a positive way.

We therefore request donations to help him through this difficult time.

To donate, scan the QR-Code or click on the image to display our special donation page, that allows you to donate via Credit Card.

We thank you on behalf of Billy.

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