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Help Peter have a much needed Florida Trip
Peter Walker is the European host of the GESARA Show. He is responsible for the running of the show and has created two supporting websites ( and, two supporting Telegram channels ( and as well as channels on BitChute and Rumble. Just editing and releasing the recordings of the show takes up a lot of his time along with fact-checking, preparing the UCC1-308 training, answering questions and a lor more behind the scenes. He has been doing this tirelessly for over 9 months to guide people through the GCR and NESARA/GESARA process.

He now urgently needs a break and has planned a trip to Florida in February, in order to see his brother and attend his niece's wedding. He will of course still be hosting the show, while in Florida, as well.

Peter had not planned to ask for donations at all; he was ambushed by Tamara on the January 15, 2023 show (see video on the right) who felt members should be given the chance to show their apprecition for Peter's hard work, as well, after two successful appeals to help Billy.

Peter cautiously welcomed the idea and said any donations would be used to help fund his Florida vacation (about $3000 in costs).

To donate, scan the QR-Code or click on the image to display our special donation page, that allows you to donate via Credit Card.

We thank you on behalf of Peter.

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