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August 27, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 150 Anniversary - Sunday
Duration: 3:49:50

150th Show, one of the funniest, ever!

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, 150th Show…
0:04:11 New EU Digital Services Act
0:06:31 Why we had to stop the chat on Telegram. Now: https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com
0:14:54 Trump Mugshot
0:27:32 Kirsten Updates: Everything has precise timing…, Christian21 Notes
0:35:39 IMDb: Politicians are actors and producers…
0:39:14 Everything is a COMM!
0:44:31 Globalists on Fox…, Trump COMMS
0:48:18 DUMBS Portals, Bigfoot is real.
0:49:19 Tribbles are real…
0:55:00 Dummies Lives Matter…
0:59:04 Biden's Impeachment looms…
1:03:21 Gregorian to Julian Calendar in October?
1:04:00 News from South America…
1:04:48 Blue Moon this week
1:07:35 Problems sending emails to Gmail.com addresses.
1:09:29 Powerful music video: “One Day”
1:16:00 GESARA News, recorded on August 27, 2023
1:32:01 Q&A Section Intro
1:33:03 Jack: Gasoline Report, Peter transcending, Battery Power Cars, Blue Moon
1:45:42 Derek: Brummies vs. Cockney, spiritual changes, negativity, lift your vibrations, Spirits, Autism
2:10:54 Pat: Derek’s hangover, don’t mess w/Pat, Runnymede
2:21:54 Lizzy: Mind Reset App, Peter’s temper, Double Penny, Silver and chocolate
2:30:22 Clive: Report on BRICS Conference, Hannah’s abode & 4 legs, Mobile Homes, Storms upon us, Hannah’s Roof top
2:52:37 Barbara: Computer problems, Ascension, Derek’s intuition, animals and kids, going within, Men, Irish jig with Derek
3:07:02 Stella: Grandson’s confirmation, Barbie movie, Nucleus of the family, Catholic Hospitals
3:19:07 Janel: Lulu in Brazil, Leena, gentlemen warriors, Blacks for Trump, Jumanji
3:29:13 Velma: Subscription emails, when expires.
3:31:45 Clive: wrong time zone in South Africa
3:32:33 Barbara: Computer working due to manifestation
3:33:10 Lizzy: Manifesting? Yolking, 6 foot, dark and handsome
3:34:18 Connie: Father and son gambling
3:38:41 Intro sequence of “Chicken Run”
3:45:28 Egg-static comments on the clip…
3:48:11 Kirsten has been arrested!
3:48:52 Wrapping up.
3:49:50 End.

Note: Although this GESARA Show is being released to he public, our usual shows are only being released to subscribers until White Hat restrictions are lifted. Shows will continue to be released to subscribers, yet without RV related infos. In order to take part in and/or watch our shows, you need a subscription (from $2/month).

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