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Insider Club/After Party vs. GESARA Show
We are often asked how our show compares to the popular Charlie Ward Insider Club and the After Party. We recommend you watch both shows and we aim to avoid time clashes where possible so you do not have to miss anything. Each show has developed organically and provide worthwhile information.

The GESARA Talk Show is like a combination of the Insider Club and After Party in one. yet with more Intel and a much longer Q&A section.

The After Party (with David Mahoney) has since been discontinued and replaced with a simple Telegram Group for insiders, only.

The GESARA Show is NOT in any way associated with Charlie Ward's shows.
Insider Club/
After Party*
Latest Intel on

(Restricted by NDA)

(No restrictions)
Latest Intel on
Quantum Financial System

(Restricted by NDA)
(No restrictions)
Answering Members Questions

Text based only
During each show.
How Often Broadcast
* = After Party now discontinued.

(1 hour, 2x week)
(2-4 hours, twice a week)
User-to-User Forum

(Telegram Group)
(Forum & Telegram Group)
Signal Emergency
Broadcast Channel

(No EBS Channel)
(Two EBS Channels)
Chat visible on screen and

(Live Zoom and Recordings)
Enhancements during
video editing
Index of topics covered,
for reference
Closed Captions (English)

(Subscribers only)
Guest Speakers
Source of Ivermectin, etc.
(Birmingham, London, USA)
Available on various Platforms

Show Times given for
all major Timezones
Back Office with
exclusive content
Subscription Costs
€11 Month /
€99 Year
$8 Month / $20 Qtr
$70 Year
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