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Hi, my name is Peter Walker and I am your host for the GESARA Talk Show.

The GESARA Show discusses the Global Currency Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Quantum Financial Reset, Common Law, UCC1-308 Trust fund, health issues, topical events and the latest Intel.

You may remember Peter as one of the original hosts of the Charlie Ward After Party from its inception until April 2022, when David took over the After Party and unfortunately later discontinued it.
Our GESARA Show is still going strong and when you join our live show, you can ask your questions and make comments in the Chat, as well.

Our show is financed by subscription ($8 month, $20 quarter) and otherwise has no advertising or sponsorship. We occasionally offer free episodes where you can join the show free and without obligation. In order to take part, you need to have Zoom installed on your computer, tablet or Smartphone.


Topic: GESARA Talk Show 200, with Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) - Sunday
(Live show limited to 500 people)

Don't miss this Special Show, which is free for all to join. It has never been more important. Pass this post on, far and wide!

Join us for a live celebration of the biggest event of our Lives. As it is a Zoom-Meeting, you have the opportunity to ask your questions and have your say during the Show.
The GESARA Show has a reputation for the best Intel, most informed hosts, Top GESARA News, without NDA Restrictions, with a world-wide family community.

Don't Miss This Special Show, Celebrate with us - Zoom Required.

March 3, 2024
09:00 UTC-10, HST, Honolulu
10:00 UTC-09, AKST, Anchorage
11:00 UTC-08, PST, Pacific Time, Los Angeles
12:00 UTC-07, MST, Mountain Time, Phoenix
12:00 UTC-07, MST, Mountain Time, Denver
13:00 UTC-06, CST, Central Time, Chicago
14:00 UTC-05, EST, Eastern Time, New York
16:00 UTC-03, Brazil, Sao Paulo
19:00 UTC+00, GMT, London
20:00 UTC+01, CET, Amsterdam, Cologne, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
21:00 UTC+02, SAST, Johannesburg, Lesotho, Swaziland
21:00 UTC+02, EET, Athens, Cairo, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Kiev
22:00 UTC+03, MSK, Baghdad, Bahrain, Kuwait, Minsk, Moscow, Qatar

March 4, 2024
00:30 UTC+05:30, IST, India, Islamabad, Karachi
03:00 UTC+08, AWST, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing
04:00 UTC+09, JST, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul
05:00 UTC+10, AEST, Brisbane
06:00 UTC+11, AEDT, Melbourne, Sydney
08:00 UTC+13, NZDT, Auckland, Wellington

Disclaimer: We are not providing medical, financial or legal advice and we are not legally trained. The information that is provided is what has been researched and applied. We accept no responsibility for actions based on what you heard from us.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

We only occasionally offer free shows. To be able to watch all our shows live, please subscribe:
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Last two Free Shows
February 4, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 192 - Sunday
Duration: 4:20:45

0:00:00 Welcome to the Free Show
0:02:53 Summary of the Insider Club, Texas boarder, men in hotels
0:06:40 Prerelease show, backup systems used when making the show
0:09:03 RV uses, Dallas and his NDA
0:10:10 Peter has NDAs, too
0:11:33 German show?
0:12:34 Wolvie and Bruce, believable?
0:13:41 Release process, Pre/public release
0:17:21 Invitations poll
0:21:12 GESARA for Newbies
0:26:12 Dan Scavino and EAS
0:27:02 Tucker and Putin?
0:29:19 Farmers revolt, false media reporting in Germany
0:32:54 Russian/UN war? 9/11 started truther movement
0:36:54 Iraq suspends banking, BRICS GDP > G7
0:38:48 Please be patient during RV rollout
0:40:53 A bit of humour…
0:42:53 "Duch" and UK Farmers are revolting
0:44:15 Time structure of show
0:46:00 GESARA News, Feb. 4, 2024
1:10:08 Q&A Section, Kirsten goes dark…, Wolvie
1:12:02 Christian21 Telegram Channel
1:13:25 Find legitimate Telegram Channels:
1:16:53 Rose: Where can I invest after the RV?
1:24:27 Philip: People with boot on their foot or with a dog. Pineal gland
1:30:30 Jack: Pineal Gold, Truckers at border, gas report
1:44:42 Grounding mat against free radicals.
1:46:30 Wolvie appears LIVE on our show, Guys!
1:48:52 Michael: Finances and RV delays. Trump clone. Tally Sheet for RV, Trusts
1:58:30 Michael: Ismael, replicators, Star Trek, BSG, Santa Claus, medbeds
2:09:05 Response to Kisten's Christian Tribute, Portals, anti-gas
2:14:40 Peter in trouble? How Kirsten became co-host.
2:16:49 Hannah: Most secure communication app?
2:26:38 Hannah: Carnivore vs. vegan diet
2:31:50 Derek: Court hearings, Contract law, criminal, Germany. Crime to apply statute law on living man.
3:06:20 Dell: Asks for feedback from Anette?
3:07:20 Ashtara: GESARA Map, Key Executive Orders for GESARA
3:11:44 Star Trek example of mind over matter
3:13:58 Bretton Woods 3.0
3:16:23 Ashtara presents some books.
3:20:16 Hitler's legacy, Forces of Darkness
3:23:56 Ashtara's mission, meeting with armed forces, justice coming
3:30:24 Law of One, Constitutional Law, will be established
3:33:27 JFK Alive? Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive
3:39:15 Galactic Codex aka Prime Directive
3:44:49 Massive clean-up operation. Snowden, NSA
3:49:27 Take the higher ground, we are sovereign beings.
3:51:42 Wizard of Oz
3:53:04 Michael: We are in 3D, not 5D. They still have power.
3:56:15 Ashtara: Making Contact
4:03:30 Jack: Galactic Council impressed with vibration level.
4:05:08 Barbara: Tennis and having balls, saw UFO
4:07:21 Ashtara: Talked with military about medbeds, starships
4:13:22 Jack: Who is the main galactic military leader?
4:15:30 Wrapping up
4:18:12 "divinity" by Lizzy Pip, 432 hz
4:20:45 End

Getting started on the GESARA Show
February 18, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 196 - Sunday
Duration: 4:34:35

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany), Kirsten (NC. USA) and Barbara (FL, USA)

0:00:00 Introduction, where are you from?
0:04:05 Kirsten's $100 Poll
0:10:04 Introduction to Daryl
0:11:07 Gerd has been invited
0:12:36 Peter's trip to Monschau (Germany)
0:18:20 Insider update, Ukraine blackmail, Putin vs Biden, empires, truckers
0:22:56 Jack: Power to the "Mother Truckers…", Gas report, Gold sneakers
0:29:12 Epoch Health, 80% exposed to fertility lowering chemicals
0:30:57 Mangalya9: NDAs needed? Qphones
0:35:52 Kirsten's Show #20
0:39:20 GESARA News, Feb. 18, 2024
0:54:37 Kirsten: Ascension through healing.
0:56:52 Darren: Truth Hunter Show, on Gaia. Sydney Powell at GITMO? Christian21
1:04:13 Obi-Wan: Book "OUCH!" Paul Knott, Positive attitude, Court case, kids taken, unsigned court order, Germany
1:17:26 Cajun Girl: Diatomaceous Earth Food
1:20:46 Daryl: Introduction - emissary for the galactic council, raising collective energy, past lives
1:42:13 Daryl: Time travel, life after military, galactic friends, reptilians, Arcons, galactic energies
1:59:40 Daryl: Different species and previous jobs, language interpretation
2:01:34 Ashtara and Daryl: Galactic codex, law of one and universal laws, past wars, travel to Mars
2:14:21 Ashtara and Daryl: Frequencies, quantum consciousness, raising vibrations, soul contracts
2:24:05 Daryl: Earth splitting, meditation, intuition
2:27:55 Ashtara and Daryl: Negative entities and frequencies
2:33:30 Gerd: When will we reach Critical Mass Awakenment?
2:38:06 Making Contact, Dark Tech, Negative/ Positive AI, Mars war
2:54:45 Reptilians, memories returning, free will, Professor Bhakdi
3:10:20 Q&A: Doug: Starlink Satellite availability?
3:20:57 Hannah: Astral Traveling safety?
3:32:08 Rosebud: Which Ashtara? 
3:47:17 Nancy: Is Starlink safe from EMP?
3:55:47 Sue G: Could you expand on the Earth split?
4:03:40 Ashtara: Galactic Collective, Vrillon Broadcast, Aquarian Age
4:14:12 Dell:  Will there be an end to Earth exploitation?
4:20:27 Gerd: Communication with source, 411 missing stories (YT search), 
4:26:38 High vibrational children, black goo, zeolite remedy, 
4:31:26 Jim: What about the border re: women and children?
4:34:35 End.
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