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Hi, my name is Peter Walker and I am your host for the GESARA Talk Show.

The GESARA Show discusses the Global Currency Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Quantum Financial Reset, Common Law, UCC1-308 Trust fund, health issues, topical events and the latest Intel.

You may remember Peter as one of the original hosts of the Charlie Ward After Party from its inception until April 2022, when David took over the After Party and unfortunately later discontinued it.
Our GESARA Show is still going strong and when you join our live show, you can ask your questions and make comments, as well.

Our show is financed by subscription ($8 month, $20 quarter) and otherwise has no advertising or sponsorship. We occasionally offer free episodes where you can join the show free and without obligation. In order to take part, you need to have Zoom installed on your computer, tablet or Smartphone.


Topic: GESARA Talk Show 125, with Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) - Wednesday

May 31, 2023
08:00 ( 8 am) UTC-10, HST, Honolulu
10:00 (10am) UTC-08, AKDT, Anchorage
11:00 (11am) UTC-07, PDT, Pacific Time, Los Angeles
11:00 (11am) UTC-07, MST, Mountain Time, Phoenix
12:00 (12pm) UTC-06, MDT, Mountain Time, Denver
13:00 (1 pm) UTC-05, CDT, Central Time, St. Louis
14:00 (2 pm) UTC-04, EDT, Eastern Time, New York
19:00 (7 pm) UTC+01, BST, London
20:00 (8 pm) UTC+02, CEST, Amsterdam, Cologne, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
21:00 (9 pm) UTC+03, EEST, Athens, Cairo, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Kiev
21:00 (9 pm) UTC+03, MSK, Baghdad, Bahrain, Kuwait, Minsk, Moscow, Qatar
23:30 (11:30pm) UTC+05:30, IST, India, Islamabad, Karachi

June 1, 2023
02:00 ( 2 am) UTC+08, AWST, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing
03:00 ( 3 am) UTC+09, JST, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul
04:00 ( 4 am) UTC+10, AEST, Brisbane
04:00 ( 4 am) UTC+10, AEST, Melbourne, Sydney
06:00 ( 6 am) UTC+12, NZST, Auckland, Wellington

Disclaimer: We are not providing medical, financial or legal advice and we are not legally trained. The information that is provided is what has been researched and applied.
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