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The first show with Peter and Billy was the After Party, on Charlie Ward's platform. We made 7 such "After Partys" with the last one being on March 12, 2022. Our first GESARA Show started on March 16, 2022.
This video explains how to join the forum and order a Webinar subscription. You also get an overview of how to use the forum and watch the webinars.
Getting Started on the GESARA Show
The GESARA Show is similar to Charlie Ward's After Party. In fact, Peter and Billy were the original hosts of the After Party before David Mahoney took it over.

On this page, we will explain how to sign up to be able to take part in the live GESARA Shows, every Wednesday and Sunday, and if you cannot take part in the live shows, watch the recordings.

In order to take part in our live shows, you will need to install Zoom on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

How to Subscribe to The GESARA Show

How to join our Live Shows:

  • We will automatically send you an email with the Zoom link shortly before each show. You can also get the link from our forum.

  • At the appropriate time, click on the link to start Zoom and join the show. You will be put in a waiting room until the show starts.

  • During the show, please keep your microphone off until it is your time to speak. Use the "Raise Hand" feature under "Reactions" to signify you wish to speak.

How to watch the recordings of our shows.

After each show, the show has to be edited and released. This can take 1-2 days, although we mostly release the show the following day on the following platforms in this order:

Our Websites
This is our main showcase website where you will find:

This was the original website of the show and it is based on a phpBB online forum. It requires a seperate login:

Our Telegram Channels
We run three channels on Telegram as follows:   -   The GESARA Show
This is where the episodes of the GESARA Show are originally announced and released.   -   NESARA GESARA QFS
This was our first and oldest channel where we release news items related to NESARA/GESARA, the QFS (Quantum Financial System), and other items like COVID news, etc. This channel was originally setup by Peter Walker as a place to release his research into the NESARA/GESARA, etc. on July 16, 2021 - a long time before it was considered to start any kind of show. GESARA Shows are also released on this channel.  -  VOGillies - HumbleServantOfChrist
This is a channel run by Billy Gillies and contains his research infos and news.

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