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About Peter and Billy

Host of the GESARA Show
Peter Walker - Raised in Brentwood, Essex and later went through Rudolf Steiner education and then Watford College. He moved to Cologne, Germany and worked for Ford Motor Company there, for 26 years - primarily in product development. He went self-employed in 2005 and has been ever since. He spent 8 years as a trainer for Dale Carnegie Training in Cologne. He now runs various activities including the Rife Forum, Forums.Group, Grayfield Optical, Gadget Heaven, the Hydration App and now the GESARA Show. As a computer programmer, he learnt how to deeply analyse problems to discover how to solve them. He discovered that these abilities are also useful in fact-checking hews and events which he started back in 1994 with his research into Royal Raymond Rife and the politics of Medicine. He expanded that research into politics after deeply analysing the events of 9/11 and never stopped. He often states that his wide range of work and interests are now combined to be ideal for his work on the GESARA Show. Peter is married and is known to his friends for his positive attitude to life and his quick-witted humour.
Host of the GESARA Show
Billy Gillies - Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, and having lived in San Antonio, Charlotte,  Chicago, Houston, and now back in St. Louis, Is an accomplished Audio/Visual Engineer, IT professional, MC/Host/DJ, and Radio Personality who has traveled all over the United States providing entertainment and A/V  services for major events. Being a rebel and questioning everything, Billy, first started out in the truther movement in the summer of 1973 during the Watergate Hearings. While his peers were out playing, Billy took an interest in politics and the inner workings of government and how corrupt people could be to manipulate the system and lie to the public. In the 6th grade he did an essay on the Assassination of President of John F. Kennedy based on the infamous Warren Report. Billy pointed out the fact that the "Magic Bullet Theory" was a physical impossibility based on testimony from ballistic experts. Over the years, Billy continued to question official narratives of the government and the Main Stream Media. Learning about such things as Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, Project Bluebeam, and how history has been written in a way that people will accept it and not question it. Billy has continued to educate himself and has an Honorary B.S. Degree in Communications from the School of Hard Knocks. Having been Blessed by God with a strong voice, curious mind, and the ability to communicate simply, Billy uses his talents to spread truth, and have open dialogues with those that want to engage in respectful debate. The surname "Gillies" is from that Gaelic words "Gille Lose", which, translated directly to English means "Servant Of Christ". Billy spend a lot of his free time reading, researching, praying, meditating, and  he has a passion and a will to just do good in God's name.
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