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Watching the Show
With more than 150 shows already released, how can you find the previous shows, online?

If you are a Subscriber to our show, you can find ALL our episodes on our forum, here.

Most of our shows have been released publicly, just click on the respective button, or scan the QR-Code, below:

GESARA Show Public Archives
Free Shows
Although taking part in the LIVE Show is primarily reserved for subscribers, we do occasionally have Free Shows where anyone can join the fun and take part in our live show.
Click on the button to find out when our next free show is available (usually on Sundays).

Why are Some Shows Not Available to the Public?
All our shows are paid for through subscriptions, ONLY. In order to keep the show independent and free of external influences, we do not have any sponsors or advertising on our shows. Many people compare our show with the Charlie Ward Insider Club (which we are not associated with) and their shows are ONLY released to their subscribers (with a few exceptions).

Throughout the history of the show, we have experimented with the best ways to increase the number of subscribers, and that has affected the public release of our shows.

As of the GESARA Talk Show 144, our shows are for Subscribers only until further notice on advice from the White Hats, as we have been told to not discuss the RV at this time in public. Although we have kept to that rule, we our playing safe and only releasing episodes publicaly that cover other topics, only (e.g. Magna Carta Extra, or our 150 Anniversary Special).

Subscribe to the GESARA Show
If you want to watch our shows regularly, then please just obtain a subscription on our forum website for a very low price. This includes email notification when released:

  • $ 2.00 USD / 1 month: Subscribe to Recorded Webinars ONLY (does not include access to live shows)
  • $ 8.00 USD / 1 month: Subscribe to Live and Recorded Webinars
  • $20.00 USD / 3 months: Subscribe to Live and Recorded Webinars
  • $40.00 USD / 6 months: Subscribe to Live and Recorded Webinars
  • $70.00 USD / 1 year: Subscribe to Live and Recorded Webinars

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