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MASSIVE NEWS: Major Bond Trader reports that Tiers 2 and 3 have started!
By Peter Walker, The GESARA Talk Show
Released June 18. 2023

The GESARA Talk Show recently had a live interview with a major Bond trader in Brazil dealing with major clients receiving Trillions from the RV in Tiers 2 and 3. Although we are not giving his name, his real identity is known to us, and we can confirm he is legitimate. He stressed that he is involved solely with bond holders and has nothing to do with the revaluations in terms of the redemption centers, et cetera. His news is strictly from the bond holders.

The full interview can be seen at 2:38:13 in this recording.

We are expecting more details on Sunday's show, June 18. Click here for details how to take part, live.

Abridged Summary:
A few days ago, Wolverine made a statement saying that the head paymaster in America had instructed release of money to 28 paymasters. His group investigated this with very high levels, and they confirmed this. He was told the payouts were starting that week in Asia, as they no longer wanted to wait for Biden and Trump.

"So, it is real. The thing has started, Charlie keeps going on about the green light will be like the whole, everyone at the same time, in my opinion, they're starting to pay the very biggest contracts first. And then they'll move into a more general position."

"So what happens is the main payments, and his name has actually been put out publicly, which had never happened before, who's a district attorney. He's been given the authority to authorize release of money to 28 pay masters who are contracted to him when they sign the agreement, which will be, just 24 hours.

These payment masters will then have the authority to release payments to, to these contracts they're contracted to."

"Well, these will be Tiers two and three. They're the biggest, private contracts centers. I mean, you're talking very large numbers. And the other thing is people keep saying how are we going to find out with these contracts being so large, you'll never actually find out that they've got money, because they just won't say anything.

But we know that paymaster, and we know it's official. They've been instructed to release.

Now, I don’t know how long it takes to, to get other tiers and other centers start paying out, but the start has definitely happened. That's without question now. And we're not waiting for Biden to go or Trump to return. I believe what triggered this was the elders of China.

With these contracts, the way it works, I mean, these are huge value contracts. What happens is 20% is automatically given to foundations for humanitarian projects to start. Right. We don’t know what they are, but 20% of the whole value of a contract, which will be in trillions, are going to foundations. The first payment that the contract the bond holders are getting is 1% of the value, which has been right, as regularly stated on the internet. And then if the bonds are valid, as they should be, then they'll get another installment of 9% of the value. And we don't know what happens after that. Could be, could be traunched at 10%, but just the 1% is just enormous, let alone the 9%.

Yeah. With numbers like that, within the trillions, 1% is a substantial amount of money.

After Asia started, we believe the next two places will be Columbia and America.

Our incentives are in certain cities like Reno.

It's not where you live. It's where the contracts are registered. But outside of America, Columbia has probably got most of the big contracts, the biggest number of historic bonds in the world.

So, it will start to snowball very quickly now that it started, basically. But you won't get to hear about it. It could be three or four weeks before somebody at some level will be able to, to see anything.

The other big centers are London and Zürich, and already people are getting called out to go there next week. And people are actually seeing money in their accounts now. And it'll be unfrozen next week.

The money is all in QFS. It's up to the clients to decide how they're going to bring it out of QFS, but people are actually seeing their QFS accounts online are now going to be released, But it's obviously not going to be released in fiat funds.

I think the money will be in, in the QFS system in space. Yes. But I think we will still download it into euros or pounds or dollars in the banks initially. It's not going to happen overnight. Everything going digital.

So we, we will be downloading, and of course, the other reason we've got to take it out of the QFS system is that these people who are receiving a lot of money, they need to invest it, onto what we call platforms. So, you can't put money compliance wise, you can't put money into platforms via third party payments.

So they will have large accounts opening at the large banks like Wells Fargo in their own name, and then they'll transfer into the, the investment platforms. Okay. And that'll be real money. So, I'm actually personally working on some of these platforms getting ready to, to accept these large transfers.

So I mean the summary is that it is, what Wolverine said this time, and we really checked it. It is true. So, it is starting, it's starting in Asia. We're going to see it soon, move to Zürich America, London and, and Columbia. but of course, they won't feel it individually cause of the top secrecy.

See the original video for more details. He has promised to return to the show to keep us updated. The next show is today, and anyone can join today to learn the latest and ask questions.

Details of Sunday's show here: https://gesara-show.com/free

The recording will be released 2-3 days later after editing.

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